Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Review

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I had never used a Neutrogena face was before so I decided I would give this one a try. I was a little skeptical on wether or not this scrub would be gentle enough for daily use, however the beads are fine and not too abrasive. The cleanser has a nice scent and the exfoliation was nice although I wasn't that crazy about the way it cleared up my skin. Personally I did not have any problems with it breaking out my skin (however I have friends who have had  bad experiences with this face wash) but it didn't make my skin particularly soft, or clear. Overall, I am not that crazy about this face wash.


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    1. Thanks! I will be sure to check out your bog:)

  2. Well hey! Thanks for that. I'm going to have to go try it out.

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  3. I have never tried it... thanks for your opinion!

  4. love your reviews! I use this facewash because its not too harsh and because it smells great (and is pink!) but i agree, didn't clear my face up in any spectacular way

  5. This used to be my favorite face wash, until I tried Neutrogena acne stress control scrub. It worked wonders for me!
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  6. I never have tried neutrogena cleanser before. I might wanna try it.

    BTW yes chicago was awesome. I didn't go to navy pier this time, I Used to live there before that's why. I missed that city so bad. I had a great time too.. Thanks for the birthday wish hun


  7. Neutrogena is one of my favorite brands! Nice post.

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  8. im not 100% sure but i think i tried this forever ago too and wasn't a huge fan either. you know what scrub I've been OBSESSED with though? its st. ives green tea acne scrub. my skin has honestly never been more clear!! love love love it! let me know if you've tried it or if you do end up trying it! xoxo