Thursday, 15 March 2012

Favorite Eyeshadow Duo

Lately I have loving this quick and easy eye shadow pair from Mac. The colors work so well together and complement each other very nicely. Naked Lunch is one of my most used eye shadows from Mac. It is a great pinky champagne color that is great for all over the lid, inner corner, or even a brow bone highlight. Satin Taupe is a gorgeous crease color. It is a deep shimmery brown with hits of purple. It is so beautiful and it looks different depending on which eye shadows you pair it with or what lighting you’re in! It is a great everyday color which would go great with any skin tone.


  1. You have so nice blog with plenty good topics ,useful aswell. Looking forward to read more . New follower is here :)

    1. great shadows :) you need to show us how does it look on you :)) I love natural shades like this ones :))

  2. So pretty! I only ever wear these shades! They're my fav.

  3. Love the colours!!

  4. Cute blog you have here... keep it up! :)

  5. I dont really wear much make-up at this moment in time but these two colours look lovely!


  6. Nice colours!