Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Favorite Brown Eyeliners

I have recently fallen in love with brown eyeliners. They are so pretty and natural but still offer great definition. So I thought I would share my top three favorite eyeliners!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil

It goes without saying that the formula of the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners are fantastic. They wear beautifully throughout the day and don’t budge. I really love their shade Bourbon. It is a lovely shimmery medium brown. It goes great with champagne and creamy matte eyeshadows. It is also great on its own with a bit of mascara.

Almay Intense I-color
Brown Topaz
I really love the brush for the Almay liquid eyeliners. It is small and short so it offers great steady control. The shade of this eyeliner is a beautiful deep brown with ultrafine shimmer. The shimmer in this eyeliner is finer and less noticeable than the shimmer in the Urban Decay eyeliners.

Mac Technakol Eyeliner
I really love the Mac Technakohl eyeliners. I know you can get a really precise line with sharpened pencil eyeliners although I find it a pain to sharpen them and in the morning it is very frustrating to open your eyeliner and see a little stub of product. I find the twist up eyeliners very convenient. The shade of this is a rich, deep, matte brown. It’s a great intense colour and the formula doesn’t budge!

1.Urban Decay


  1. Brown is perfect for everyday. I have that Almay one and it's my favorite.

  2. Thanks for your comments :) Well I don´t think the golden nails where made with nail polish, rather with those new nail foils.
    I´m following you now!

    1. Oh that makes sense. I was thinking that gold polish mush have been the most pigmented nail polish in the world! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Ill be sure to follow you as well:)

  3. Hey, new follower :) I love urban decay eyeliners they literally last for aaaages and the brown one is lovely!

    1. Thanks:) I know the Urban Decay liners are great!