Friday, 6 January 2012

My Top Perfumes of 2011

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Notes: Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

I always forget how much I love this sent until I smell it again. I personally find it to be more of a floral and fresh sent rather that fruity. I find the notes of Gardenia and Jasmine Petals to be most prominent. I have never really much thought about Marc Jacobs fragrances until the launch of Daisy although now his line of fragrances has become really popular, and for a good reason. I also am a fan of Oh Lola! 

Cost: $20-$78

D&G 6 L'Amoureux

Notes: bergamot, juniper berry, and pink pepper; a heart of cardamom, birch leaf, and orris root; and a base of musks and woods

This was a new find for 2011. I love the whole line of D&G fragrances although this one, is my favourite. It is best described as a crisp sent. I also find it to be really unique, I haven't really found a scent quite like it, its a very unique blend of notes.
Cost: $69

Burberry Sport

Notes: Top notes are ginger, mandarin orange and water notes; middle notes are petit grain, honeysuckle and magnolia; base notes are virginia cedar, sand and musk.

This is a wonderful citrus sent. Its great for summertime and everyday and I love how long lasting it is. This was also a new find for 2011 although I am sure it will stay in my collection for many years to come.

The perfume was launched accompanying the Burberry Sport line of clothing. The sports theme is supported in the rubber materials used in the packaging. The packaging isn't as delicate as the other Burberry perfume bottles due to the rubbery/plastic materials although the compact rectangular shape gives the bottle a sleek feeling.

Cost: $72-$94

Philosophy Pure Grace and Amazing Grace

Notes: Pure Grace-Bergamot, Water Lily, Lavender, Jasmine, Cool Greens, Musk.

Notes: Amazing Grace-Unavailable

I  mentioned these perfumes as a pair because I find that they are so similar. The only difference I find is that Amazing Grace has a more summery sent (a tad bit like sunscreen). Words cannot describe how much I love these scents. I almost want to describe it as a fresh laundry (but not in a Clean Fresh Laundry Perfume way). They are best described as soapy clean smelling scents. These perfumes are one of my all time favourites. Although the only downside is that the scent doesn't last very long but they come in convenient travel sizes to carry around in your purse.

Cost: $18-$60

DKNY Be Delicious

Notes: American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, White Amber.

I always get so many complements when I wear this perfume. It is such a fresh yet fruity perfume. I love perfumes with nots of apples. I really recommend trying out this perfume.

Cost: $38-$75

Miss Dior Cheri

Notes:Italian Mandarin, Egyptian Jasmine, Patchouli. 

This is a very sweet sent. I love wearing it. It makes me feel sweet and fancy!

The elegant package is also very nice but you can expect no less from Dior and a very pricy perfume!

Cost: $60-$98


Notes: Vanilla, Dew-Drop Petal, Lotus Flower, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Freesia, Lush Orchid, White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood.

This sent is so clean and fresh but with a touch of floral! Its great for everyday and is perfect for those looking for a fresh and gentle yet sophisticated scent.

As for the packaging I find it very appropriate for the perfume. It is made from 100% recyclable glass and a cap of high-purity aluminum which is also nice. DKNY's pourpose for the shape was inspired by a drop of water; which is fresh and formed from nature. The bottle is clean and sleep, very suitable for the perfume!

Cost: $45-$85

Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Baies Rose, Pink Watermelon, White Peach, Red Currant, Blackberry, Star Jasmine, Magnolia, Orange Blossom, Tiare Flower, Sun-Kissed Skin Accord, French Macaron, Luminous Musk, Amber.

This perfume is so fun and flirty. Its playful and fun and just the smell of it make you smile. In my opinion, the white peach and mandarin notes are the strongest, which I love. It is not to overpowering so it is appropriate for everyday although I would recommend this perfume for a night out.

The bottle is described as a disco ball filled with champagne. I love that! The bottle is playful much like the perfume.

Cost: $18- $80

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